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Prompt And Reliable Commercial Locksmith Services in Livonia, MI

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We are the key to your success; No matter how big the project, we can help!

When your business needs professional commercial door locks replaced or repaired, contact our experienced locksmith team. Whether you need lock rekeying, new exit devices or keys cut for cabinets, our trained technicians have the skills and knowledge to solve your commercial door lock problem. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

Emergency mobile service available: If you experience an emergency lock out situation, don't worry. Call our experts for emergency mobile service and we'll get you where you need to be.

Call before 9:00 pm Monday through Saturday or until 8:00 pm on Sunday and we'll quickly send a technician out to help.

Comprehensive commercial services:

  • Large selection of single and double-sided keys
  • Lock rekeying: changing tumblers or pins to fit new keys
  • Master rekeying: one key to fit multiple locks which all have separate keys
  • Key control: special cylinders and keys regulated by signature cards
  • Keys cut from codes on cabinet and desk locks
  • Access control: doors controlled by a single or a multiple lock with electronics
  • Commercial doors and frames
  • Continuous hinges: internal gear, top to bottom of hinge
  • Exit devices: push bars or paddles with rods or a latch with outside trim
  • Lever lockset sales and installation to meet life safety codes

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Livonia Lock and Key is My Trusted Local Locksmith

If you have any weird keys that you need to get cut, this is the place to go. Had some strange keys from work. Searched all over the place and no one could cut them for me. Went over to Livonia lock and key, no problem. The gentleman there took very good care of me.
Five stars!
Local Business Owner

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